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Tame Your Lizard Brain Community
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Welcome To Tame Your Lizard Brain Membership

The primary purpose of this private group: To give you access to personal detailed assistance when you need it. To build a community of Lizard Brain Tamers that have the experience to help others. To provide a safe and private place where you can work on your issues. To bring you access to up to date processes and information that empowers you to change in any way you want.

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Hello Tame Your Lizard Brain Members! Just writing a note to tell you that we are creating a guided audio which walks you through all the catelyzing sessions in the Buttons book. Coming soon for members. Also, we have almost completed a revision of the Buttons book which is starting to sell pretty well on [...]

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This is announcing the grand opening for Tame Your Lizard Brain Private Membership October 1 2012 Join us and learn the skills to genuine personal integration and transformation

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“You” and Fear and becoming more Real


Fear is the tool that your Lizard Brain uses to keep you from encountering anything that could disrupt your already unstable sense of self. (T Sebastian) For this whole dualistic thing to work, it’s important that everyone doesn’t just go wandering off, that they stay onstage and play their role. Fear is the glue that [...]

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